Water Supply and Sewerage Master Plan for Albania

Assignment location

Albania, Europe


Albanian Ministry of Public Works and Transport through iC Consulenten /
Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau

Based on the Water Supply and Sewage Master Plan, donor organisations and decision-makers were supposed to be able to delineate (i) the sector related investment measures to be undertaken by the Government; (ii) the financing requirements to be covered by the Government, the municipalities, the banks and/or external donors. The specific objectives of the Master Plan were the development of a prioritization system for water infrastructure investments and the creation of a phased short, medium- and long-term investment plan. The scope for investments in water supply and wastewater infrastructure was assessed in detail for the entire country, considering existing centralised infrastructure. Future water demand and sewage generation potentials were computed using demographic data and changes in demand behaviours. A water balance was developed including climate change estimations. The master plan considered the rehabilitation and extension of current infrastructure as well as new systems. Investments were ranked by application of multi-criteria priority matrices. In total, more than 1,400 measures were identified summing up to approx. 6 billion EUR of total investments within 28 years.

Picture source: V. Gjoka, hugy, ollirg