Modernisation of Astana Water Supply System and Wastewater Treatment Plant

Assignment location

Kazakhstan, Asia


Client & Funding/Beneficiary

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development /
Astana Su Arnasy

Preparation of a feasibility study for the water company Astana Su Arnasy:

  • Baseline study (socio-economic data, organisational/institutional review, key performance indicators)
  • Development of the financial model, affordability, and tariff setting
  • Technical assessment - water supply, treatment and distribution, wastewater collection, and treatment
  • Long term investment plan and institutional development options for water supply (total volume ca. 139 M EUR) and wastewater (total volume ca. 126 M EUR) with particular focus on the modernisation and expansion of the wastewater and sludge treatment
  • Priority investment programme (4,6 M EUR) including rehabilitation and upgrade of the WWTP screening plant, aerated sand and grease trap, encasement of primary sedimentation tanks, improvements on the secondary sedimentation and the rehabilitation of sewage system (total length 5,5 km), procurement and implementation strategy
  • Environmental and social assessment

Picture source: A. Stoisits