Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Creating not only immediate results but positive long-term development impacts

We assist our clients in implementing water and wastewater infrastructure contracts. The assistance includes overall project management support, design, and tendering of goods and, and administrating the contract implementation, including works supervision and arrangement of timely disbursements.

In many emerging countries, water and wastewater infrastructure operators strive for becoming self-sustaining entities achieving commercial operations. We support utilities to improve their commercial standing, operational efficiency, corporate planning capacity, as well as environmental performance in the frame of corporate development programs or with the set-up of dedicated capacity development facilities to provide targeted technical and operational advice and support.

Our experts furthermore provide TA support for water sector projects and programmes, often on a long-term basis. Within such “backstopping” assignments, HYDROPHIL provides a “one-stop-shop” for all competencies and capacities required. If necessary, our experts are embedded within our clients’ organisation, such as ministries or agencies, on a long-term basis.

Our services comprise:

  • PIU support for water and wastewater infrastructure contracts
  • Corporate development for water and wastewater utilities
  • Backstopping support for water sector projects and programmes
  • Trainings and seminars to strengthen capacities in the water and sanitation sector

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