Subotica Water Upgrade Project – PIU Support, Design, Tendering and Construction Supervision

Assignment location

Serbia, Europe


Vodovod i Kanalisazija Subotica /
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

The project was designed to address critical investment needs for water supply and wastewater infrastructure in Subotica including the discharge of untreated wastewater into Palić Lake. The overall objective was to facilitate the timely and effective implementation of the project by: (i) rendering assistance to the Company in implementation of the Project, including all aspects of design, procurement, construction supervision and contract administration; (ii) assisting directly in the design of technical and other documentation; and (iii) performing the role of the FIDIC Engineer and the Technical Supervision (“stručni nadzor”). HYDROPHIL supported the preparation and implementation of five tenders:

  • Tender 1 (works tender): 10 km of sewer pipes (up to DN 1,600) and 3 km of water supply pipes (DN 100-300)
  • Tender 2 (works tender): 6.4 km of water supply pipes (DN 80-300)
  • Tender 3 (design, supply and install): new treatment plant and related infrastructure to be connected to the existing network
  • Tender 4 (works tender): construction of drilled wells
  • Tender 5 (works tender): construction of raw water collectors (6,000 m DN 180 – 500), optical cable system (8,430 m) and replacement of water main (66 m DN 450-600).

Picture source: Pro-ing doo, G. Eder