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Climate Change Adaptation

We help strengthen climate change resilience through modernized and well-maintained infrastructure and enhanced water management:

  • Water and climate change strategies
  • Climate change adaptation in the municipal water sector (water supply, wastewater treatment, urban drainage)
  • Climate change adaptation in the hydropower sector
  • Climate change adaptation in the agricultural sector
  • Water resource efficient technologies
  • Climate change and sustainable land management

One of climate change’s main impacts is on the hydrological cycle. In simple words, wet areas of the world are in general getting wetter, while dry areas are getting drier. In addition to this, more severe weather, and climate change effects, such as heavy precipitation, floods, or sea-level rise, are expected. Rising temperatures negatively affect increasingly the quality and quantity of water resources, the impacts of which are especially felt by more impoverished and more vulnerable groups. Climate change models predict that by the end of this century, a significantly higher number of people will face water-related challenges, including floods and droughts, putting millions of lives and economies at risk. Besides the need for climate change mitigation measures, strengthening the ability to adapt to these changes in a way that reduces hazard and risk impacts to humans and the environment is, therefore, crucial for the sustainable development of economies and the survival of communities.

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