Middle East

Feasibility Study for Sanitation Improvement Project in the Town of Ersaal in Lebanon

Assignment location

Ersaal, Lebanon


French Development Bank (AFD)

The project’s objective was to structure the sanitation of Ersaal, a town situated 15 km to the Syrian border and hosting several refugee camps. Within the framework of a future project proposed for European Union funding (MADAD funds), it was envisaged to set up a partnership with a project operator to structure the sanitation system of the town of Ersaal. HYDROPHIL provided its expertise in the sector with transversal support to experts on individual and collective sanitation aspects.

  • Diagnosis of the system
  • Definition of scenarios
  • Updating the multi-criteria analysis grid and scoring of the scenarios
  • Review of the final technical options
  • Assessment of the needs for operation and the possible modalities

Picture source: HYDROPHIL/A. Chanut, iStock/Lene Lind