Monitoring and Evaluation

Assessing the performance in the water sector

We support governments, donors and IFIs in assessing the performance of water sector projects and programmes to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes, and impact.
In our role as monitoring consultants, we provide early detailed information on the progress or delay of ongoing projects and programmes. We inform our clients whether specific objectives are likely to be met and whether corrective measures should be taken. We do so in various contexts, from monitoring procurement and construction of water infrastructure investments financed by IFIs (“lender’s monitor) to results-based reviews of complete water sector programmes on behalf of development organisations or governments.

Within our evaluations, we provide systematic and objective examinations of project and programme activities in the light of specified objectives. The evaluation usually includes a review of the overall results achieved, an assessment of the relevance and performance of the project or programme, as well as the impact of the interventions on stakeholders and the sustainability of the results.

Our services comprise:

  • Monitoring of projects and programmes
  • Review and evaluation of projects and programmes using OECD/DAC and EU criteria

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