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Environmental and Social Management

HYDROPHIL supports its clients in avoiding, minimising, or mitigating negative environmental and social impacts of projects in the water sector:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in the municipal water sector
  • ESIA in the agricultural water sector
  • ESIA for hydropower plants
  • ESIA for flood protection projects
  • Monitoring of Environmental and Social Action Plan implementation
  • Waste management

Environmental and social impact assessment is an essential and often obligatory part of proposing or launching an infrastructure project. In the water sector, environmental and social impacts can be manifold and complex; thus, need to be managed throughout the design, construction, operations, closure, and reinstatement of the project. Most infrastructure projects have a direct impact on the environment, but often also impact the lives of people affected. Moreover, with the growing impact of climate change, issues related to water resource efficiency and climate resilience are increasingly becoming part of environmental and social assessments of water sector projects. In addition to meeting the legal requirements of the host country, projects seeking international financing must also meet relevant lender standards such as EBRD Performance Requirements, IFC Performance Standards or other donors’ environmental and social safeguard stipulations. It is therefore pivotal to mitigate and manage such impacts to not only be policy compliant, but to minimize negative impacts on nature, and enhance people’s lives.

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