Review of DFID Nepal’s Engagement in WASH

Assignment location

Nepal, Asia



WASH is a high priority for DFID globally and resources have been allocated to Asian and African countries to assist in meeting the MDG targets, including a £109 million DFID Global WASH Results Programme and a £35 million contribution to UNICEF for ten countries in Africa and Asia, including Nepal. A study carried out in 2007 by DFID Nepal recommended that DFID should continue to support the sector, but at a strategic level rather than simply providing funding for increasing coverage. DFID Nepal has maintained a reasonably low-level engagement in the operational planning period of 2011-2015, focusing on the direct implementation of WASH services through the Gurkha Welfare Scheme (GWS) and indirectly through DFID’s support in health, education, community support and local government programmes. In early 2014 DFID Nepal provided a further £10m to GWS until 2020, to ensure a continuation of a limited but strategic investment, which has been delivering good results and is in line with Nepal’s cross HMG priorities. As DFID moved into a new OP planning period, DFID believed it is important to review the situation on the ground and provide an up to date picture and evidence-based assessment of the needs and the planned response of various partners to validate the 2007 assessment recommending low engagement in the sector. This review was therefore intended to inform DFID Nepal with respect to its future engagement in the industry during the next OP period.

Picture sources: Bartosz Hadyniak, Cn0ra, FabianCode, hadynyah