Wastewater Management for Baqa Al-Sharqia and Nazlat

Assignment location

Palestine , Asia

Client & Funding/Beneficiaries

United Nations Development Programme /
Municipality of Baka Al Sharqiya and Nazlat, Palestinian Water Authority, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Agriculture


The feasibility study compared different options on technical, operation, financial, socio-economic, and environmental levels. The best option resulted in 25 km of primary and secondary network, four pumping stations, and a treatment plant of wetland type (1,500 m³/d; 15,000 PE). In order to minimise environmental threats, the connection to the existing Israeli WWTP in Baqa Al Gharbiya was suggested. Wastewater reuse was achieved by storage and irrigation of trees along the wadi, until the farmers will connect their fields to the irrigation system. For the primary and secondary network, as well as the smallest pumping station – a detailed design was elaborated.

Picture source: J. Pichler-Stainern