Improvement of Veliko Gradište Water Supply System

Assignment location

Serbia, Europe


Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

In the context of the implementation of the European Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), the Republic of Serbia designed the three-year project “Socio-economic Development of the Danube Serbia Region” (SEDDSR) under the IPA Programme. Endowed with a budget of €19.5 million, which combined funds from the IPA 2011 programme and the Republic of Austria’s assistance programme, the project was intended to further exploit socio-economic development opportunities in the area. It was against this background, that HYDROPHIL supported ADA and its partner – the municipality of Veliko Gradište – in the preparation of the water supply improvement investment programme. The programme with a total investment volume 4.4 M EUR included the rehabilitation of existing and the drilling of new wells; the supply of equipment for all wells; the construction of a raw water main, water treatment plant (100 l/s), treated water pumping station (90 l/s); transmission and distribution main including connection to the existing network; and NRW measures. HYDROPHIL’s services included:

  • Assessment and technical review of available documentation
  • Review of available permits and administrative papers
  • Preparation of procurement scenarios and related time requirements based on PRAG and Austrian Procurement Law (strategic options for ADA)
  • Design review, check of appropriateness of suggested technical solutions
  • Support in the definition of efficient implementation modalities
  • Development of technical tender documents for a FIDIC Yellow Book tender
  • Tender evaluation.

Picture source: J. Pichler