Joint Final Evaluation of the Hydrogeological Mapping and Economic Accounting of Water Use Projects

Assignment location

Botswana, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe; Africa



European Commission

The objective of the Hydrogeological Mapping Project was to improve the understanding of groundwater occurrence within the SADC region so as to promote cooperation and better understanding of water resources planning and management. The purpose of the Economic Accounting of Water Use Project was to promote the appropriate valuing of the water resource and its use in SADC Member States, building the necessary capacity to undertake the activity and, help promote optimal water use and allocation, and strategic investments in the water sector. The Joint Final Evaluation of the two projects addressed the projects’ design, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and potential impact. The following services were carried out:

  • Stakeholder consultations in selected SADC member states and River Basins who participated in project activities
  • Critical assessment of actual performance against the projects‘ result areas by analyzing the following key issues:
    • (i) Analysis of the impact of the project activities at SADC member states level (regional coordination and capacity building)
    • (ii) Review of the sustainability of the outputs within the Member States
    • (iii) Evaluation of the organisational and management set-up of the projects and the monitoring mechanism as well as progress made in the implementation of the intervention areas
    • (iv) Proposing sustainable strategies for optimising interaction with Member States, and improving ownership of the project outputs by Member States

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