Development and Dissemination of Faecal Sludge Management Toolkit for Investors, Planners and Consultants

Assignment location

Senegal; South Africa; Thailand; Uganda


Asian Institute of Technology /

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation



Severe pollution and health risk problems are forcing Faecal Sludge Management on the priority agenda for governments, investors and communities. The impracticability of planning tools, inefficient assessment procedures and limited local expertise are crucial bottlenecks for successful project design, development and execution. The Faecal Sludge Management toolbox intends to guide practitioners through this process, enhance their capability and incentivize them in opting for appropriate solutions. HYDROPHIL was engaged in the project especially with its experience in design, management support and strategic oversight of multi-partner and multi-country initiatives in sanitation, with specific emphasis on Africa and provided special asset to the project team through its links to development agencies and international as well as national consultants. The company’s services included:

  • Support the selection of real case study towns
  • Support for hosting and organization of conferences
  • Conducting of user need analysis
  • Development of the M&E component of the toolbox
  • Overseeing and coordinating the field testing of the tools in Africa
  • Supporting the formulation of a training plan and hosting of trainings of trainers

Picture sources: M. Bäuerl