IWRM Performance Based Monitoring & Evaluation System for the Mekong

Assignment location

Cambodia, Lao, Thailand, Viet Nam, Asia



Mekong River Commission (MRC)

The overall objective of the Mekong River IWRM Programme (M-IWRMP) is to improve the enabling framework and capacity for IWRM in the Lower Mekong Basin Countries and strengthen the role of MRC as the facilitator of significant water resources development, guided by IWRM principles. To ensure the successful implementation of the project and the achievement of its objectives, a Performance Based Monitoring and Evaluation System (pb-M&E System) had to be developed. The consultancy consisted in developing a pb-M&E System providing indicators for each of the regional and transboundary activities as well as for the interlinkage with national components.

Picture source: R. Seidelmann, Tian Zhan