Fields of operation

Wastewater & Urban Drainage Infrastructure

HYDROPHIL plans for the future of wastewater and stormwater infrastructure in urban and rural areas:

  • Hydraulic modelling of drainage and sewerage networks and appurtenant structures
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Wastewater and drainage water re-use
  • SCADA systems
  • Management, operation and maintenance of wastewater and urban drainage infrastructure

The provision and maintenance of adequate wastewater infrastructure stand as a precondition for public and environmental health. Even so, approximately one-third of the global population, predominantly in rural areas of low-income countries, does not have access to basic infrastructure, separating hygienically human excreta from human contact. In this context, appropriate, low-cost wastewater technologies are usually selected, which can be easily and reliably operated and maintained. In urban areas of developed and emerging countries, complex wastewater collection systems and treatment plants are significant infrastructure assets for any operator. The cost and difficulties for their maintenance, upgrade or extension and the requirement to meet increasingly strict regulatory stipulations can therefore strongly burden municipalities or utility companies. Also, urban drainage systems are facing increasing pressures from changing hydrological conditions caused by global warming resulting in sewer overflows and associated water contamination risks. Hence, proper planning and cost-efficient construction are essential measures to maximise the long-term value of the improvements while keeping capital and maintenance costs down.

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