Preparation of the water projects in the Ukrainian cities of Lutsk and Rivne

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SAFEGE Belgium / European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank (EIB) entered a Finance Contract with Ukraine to support the Ukraine Municipal Infrastructure Programme (UMIP). The UMIP provided financing for several projects, among these, the modernisation of the water and wastewater services in the cities of Lutsk and Rivne.

  • The city of Lutsk is a regional administrative centre of the Volyn oblast on the bank of the river Styr with about 217,000 inhabitants.
  • The city of Rivne is the administrative centre of Rivne oblast on the Ustya river with a population of approximatley 250,000 inhabitants

The project aimed on asset modernisation to reduce water losses in the networks, improve the utility’s overall economic performance and improve the waters quality. The purpose of the TA assignment was to assist the Public Utility Companies Lutsklvodokanal and Rivneoblvodokanal:

  • Assisted in update of the Feasibility Studies, the Environmental & Social Impact Assessments and Climate Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Reports
  • Developed the Long-Term Investment Plan, the Priority Investment Programme (PIP) and established the Procurement Plans for the water supply network, wastewater collection, and respective treatment systems
  • Prepared FIDIC Red and Yellow Book Tender document

Rivneoblvodokanal’s PIP included i.a.:

  • Modernisation of three existing water pumping stations (620 m3/h - 800 m3/h)
  • Reconstruction of the water transmission main (DN 225 – DN 355; 10,700 m)
  • Modernisation of three existing wastewater pumping stations (800 m3/h)
  • Rehabilitation of the wastewater treatment plants in Rivne (150,000 P.E.), Kvasyliv (8,000 P.E.) and Goscha (1,000 P.E.

Lutskvodokanal’s PIP included i.a.:

  • Rehabilitation of water supply pipelines (DN400 – DN630; 6,800 m)
  • Rehabilitation of the wastewater treatment plant (160,000 P.E.)

Picture Source: HYDROPHIL/A. Stoisits