Water Sector Study Armenia – Definition and Elaboration of a New Water and Sanitation Sector Strategy for Armenia

Assignment location

Western Asia, Armenia

Client & Funding

Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau

Project objectives

The aim was to assist the Government of Armenia (GoA) in the sustainable development of water infrastructure in the water supply and sanitation sector in Armenia, and to improve sector efficiency and effectiveness.

Project description

Prepare of a sound basis for the forthcoming sector reform and assist the GoA to take rational decisions regarding institutional options. Support the GoA to develop a road map for the reform program and to implement the most suitable organisation model for water service provision.

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Project specifics

The current management contracts for Armenian Water and Sewerage Company and the three regional utilities Shirak, Lori and Nor Akunq have been extended. An assessment of the present state of the water sector including legislative, institutional and regulatory framework as well as financial and economic analysis has been prepared by the Consultant and was presented to the stakeholders. Options for suitable organization models for water service provision in urban and rural Armenia has been prepared and was presented to the stakeholders. The financial and human resources impacts of the selected water sector management proposal has been assessed, and benchmarking, performance incentive schemes, capacity building strategies and programs have been developed. The proposed water sector organization model has been approved by the PEA and KfW and the GoA, all tender and contractual documents for implementation of the selected organization model have been prepared and contracts have been awarded to operators and auditors.


Review existing documents; extension of management contracts; overview on water management; assessment of institutional framework; financial and economic analysis; presentation of results on present state of the sector; proposals for the development of sector management; preparation of sector management options; financial and human resources impacts of management proposals selected; presentation of the water sector study; support in implementation of institutional reform.