Developing a National Adaption Planning Process in Turkmenistan (GCF, Green Climate Fund): Climate Change Risk Assessment on the Water Resources for the City of Ashgabat and on Agriculture in the Sashoguz Province

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United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

The project addressed the barriers to Turkmenistan’s mid- and long-term climate adaptation planning. The Government of Turkmenistan was supported in improving national and sectoral capacity for climate change adaptation planning, examining climate risks across sectors, and integrating climate change adaptation into national planning. A particular focus was given to the water sector.

The objective of the assignment was to conduct climate change risk assessments on water resources at the sub-national level in the city of Ashgabat and the water and agricultural sectors in Dashoguz Province using multi-criteria analysis. The tasks also included conducting an analysis of gender and vulnerable groups in two pilots to complement the climate projections’ data with bottom-up information that enables the holistic and gender-sensitive identification of adaptation options. Climate risks were analysed for action that considered economic, environmental, and social impacts and the unique risks impacting vulnerable groups.

The findings of the climate change risk assessments were presented and discussed in a validation workshop.

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