Multipurpose Water Resources Development Project in the Lake Kyoga Basin (Uganda), Yala River (Kenya) and Gucha Migori River Basin (Kenya)

Assignment location

Uganda and Kenya, Africa


Nile Basin Initiative

Identification of a Multipurpose Water Resources Management and Development Project to improve water security and supply, food and energy security, reduce flow variability and flood damage and contribute towards improved livelihoods:

  • Situational analysis incl. inventory of irrigation projects, irrigation sector analysis
  • Formulation of a Multipurpose Basin Water Resources Development Strategy. For irrigation, the strategy highlighted technical and institutional aspects with the aim of identifying critical considerations in sustainable irrigation development
  • Formulation of a Multipurpose Basin Water Resources Investment Plan incl. definition, description and prioritisation of bankable irrigation sub-projects

Picture sources: FrankvandenBergh, Fyle, EunikaSopotnicka, H. Jung