Technical Assistance Facility for Danube Region Projects – Lot 2

Assignment location

Europe / Danube Region


EU-Förderagentur GmbH (EUFA)



The objective of the consultancy was the preparation of fundable projects in line with the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) principles.

The EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) is a strategy to address common challenges and issues which are divided among four pillars (“Connecting the Region”; “Protecting the Environment”; Building Prosperity” and “Strengthening the Region”) and 11 Priority Areas (PA). To support potential beneficiaries in the preparation of new, bankable projects with a clear EUSDR added-value, a Technical Assistance Facility for Danube Region Projects (TAF-DRP) was implemented. The City of Vienna, has entrusted the implementation of the TAF-DRP to EUFA. HYDROPHIL supported EUFA in facilitating the preparation of bankable/fundable project applications within Lot 2, covering water quality; environmental risks; as well as biodiversity, landscapes, and quality of air and soil. HYDROPHIL provided TA support to a total of 13 project applications, e.g. in the fields of floodplain management; hydraulic modelling/flood risk assessment; flood protection and natural hazards; ecological connectivity of rivers; and wastewater treatment. Other areas of TA support included the remediation of contaminated sites, species and environmental protection, ecotourism, and forestry. The services comprised:

  • Advice in technical questions, e.g. pre-feasibility studies, cost estimates
  • Advice in financial/economic questions, e.g. cost-benefit-analysis, support in financing plan preparation
  • Advice in legal questions, e.g. application of applicable legal framework
  • Identification of possible funding options, e.g. EU, IFIs, private banks
  • Scheduling of further activities towards a qualified bankable / fundable project idea, e.g. identification of project partners
  • Support of the beneficiary in preparing and submitting a project funding application

Picture sources: Nenadpress, wrangel, tepic