Fields of operation

Institutional and Corporate Development

HYDROPHIL supports the evolution of a sound framework for public institutions

  • Water sector reform and institutional development
  • Aidmodalities
  • Water law & regulation
  • Water sector financing
  • Public-Private Partnership and private sector participation
  • Communication strategies and knowledge management in the water sector

...and supports the development of modern, efficient water and wastewater utilities:

  • Financial performance improvement
  • Operational performance improvement
  • Environmental and social performance improvement
  • Corporate business plans
  • Public service contracts
  • Management Information Systems
  • Tariff models
  • Stakeholder participation programs
  • Benchmarking in wastewater management

Institutional development in the water sector is concerned with how public institutions such as ministries and mandated agencies work, and ultimately how services are delivered. In order to perform their allocated functions, these institutions need to be well-designed, adequately resourced, robust and efficient. In this context, restructuring and decentralisation of services among national and local government institutions, and the private sector, has often shown to enhance accountability and efficient and effective service delivery. The further development of the mandate of public institutions, as well as the optimisation and redistribution of their responsibilities, often form part and parcel of water sector modernisation.

When it comes to concrete water and sewerage infrastructure, the provision of high-quality services is not only linked with investments in state-of-the-art assets but also depends critically on the performance of the company operating the infrastructure. Corporate development for water and wastewater utilities supports companies to improve their commercial standing, operational efficiency, corporate planning capacity as well as environmental performance. In many emerging countries, corporate development helps operators in their ongoing transition towards becoming self-sustaining entities achieving commercial operations. This corporate development includes, for instance, the development of corporate business plans, the set-up of tariffs, or the introduction of management information systems.

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