Dispute Resolution

HYDROPHIL is experienced in dispute resolution and arbitration consulting

We provide expert services for arbitration proceedings within the framework of the respective arbitration agreement. Water plays an essential role in all arbitration proceedings relevant to the environment, as well as in most infrastructure projects. Disputes concerning the various aspects of water are on the rise, especially against the background of climate change and changing climatic conditions. Our expertise covers all critical areas of the water sector.

Furthermore, when additional niche expertise should be involved, HYDROPHIL has access to high-calibre experts who cover related fields such as geosciences, climate research and civil engineering, through our long-lasting strong cooperation with top Austrian and international universities.

We know what matters: top expertise combined with detailed arbitration know-how.

Our services comprise of:

  • Providing appropriate independent expert witnesses in the water sector and related disciplines
  • Reviewing relevant documents and providing expert opinions to law firms
  • Assessing statements of factual and expert witnesses
  • Providing expert reports in the required formats and standards for arbitration proceedings
  • Providing expert witness testimonies