Support to the Capital Investment Planning Process for Regional Water Companies in Kosovo

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Kosova Water Task Force/SDC

The Kosovo Water Task Force Secretariat has identified the imminent need to strengthen the capital planning process within Regional Water Companies (RWCs) through the establishment of a conducive legal framework, long term management structures and functional relationships between corporate entities, municipalities and the central government in the water sector. The objective of the project was to improve investment planning capacities of RWCs through the development of appropriate tools, techniques and training programs that ensure effective operation, compliance with service standards and financial sustainability. The project intervention should materialize in improved quality of investment proposals and the ability of the RWCs to plan better, prioritize and budget their investment decision on the set of defined criteria and consistent ground. HYDROPHIL provided the following services:

  • Preparation of a baseline study on the current capital planning process
  • Identification of the key strengths and weaknesses of processes whilst recommending possible options for capital planning improvement
  • Development of basic guidelines and criteria for investment planning in the water utility sector
  • Preparation of a training needs assessment report covering key-areas for training to enable a sound capital planning process.
  • Preparation of the training material and organization of a workshop covering most important aspects of the capital planning process

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