Central Asia

Mailuu-Suu Water Project: GIS-Based Water Supply & Wastewater Asset Management System


Mailuu-Suu City, Kyrgyzstan


Mailuu-Suu Municipal Enterprise 'Gorvodokanal' /

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and European Union’s Investment Facility for Central Asia (EU IFCA)

The objectives of the assignment were to develop, supply and create for the local operator Vodokanal Mailuu Suu, a GIS based water & wastewater asset management system. This GIS provides accurate geo-referenced Vodokanal’s assets information, which will enable proper location of assets, maintenance, and operations planning.

By providing detailed hands-on and classroom training to Vodokanal staff, in-house capacity was built. This will ensure that Vodokanal staff can continue operation and maintenance of the installed GIS to ensure continuous updates and capture new system extensions and improvements beyond the project duration.