Procurement Support

Goods, services, and works at the best possible price and quality

Competition is the foundation for good procurement practice. In addition to the economy and efficiency, the public sector requires transparency and accountability for the use of public funds, and this affects the choice of the procurement method and the documentation and procedures that are used. Therefore, IFIs and donors usually require its public sector clients, to obtain goods, works and services through open tendering procedures. Other methods may be appropriate for special circumstances, depending on the nature and value of the goods, works or services to be obtained, the required completion time and other considerations.

HYDROPHIL provides procurement support in the water sector to ensure that our clients receive goods, services, or works at the best possible price and quality. We are used to working with IFI procurement standards, as well as other tenders tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We support our customers in all aspects of procurement, from strategic procurement advisory, through the preparation of detailed tender documents, tendering support, to the evaluation and final contracting of suppliers, contractors, or consultants.

Our services comprise:

  • Advice in the selection of the most appropriate procurement strategy for goods, works and consulting services
  • Support in the procurement of goods for water and wastewater companies including specialised vehicles (e.g. sewer cleaning trucks), SCADA systems, maintenance tools or leak detection equipment
  • Support in the procurement of works such as sewerage and stormwater networks, water supply networks, pumping stations, reservoirs, WWTPs, river training or flood protection works
  • Support in the procurement of consulting services, including construction supervision for works in the field of water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment or river training and flood protection

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