Fields of operation

Natural Hazards

We support informed decision making for the management of natural hazard risks:

  • Hydrology and hydraulics of surface water bodies
  • Natural hazard risk assessment and mapping
  • Natural hazard risk management
  • Flood protection
  • River training

Natural hazards like floods and landslides endanger lives and cause human tragedy, as well as economic losses. In addition to these damages, natural hazards may have severe negative environmental impacts, e.g. when wastewater treatment plants are inundated, or chemical industries are affected. Floods may also destroy valuable wetland areas and reduce biodiversity. Natural hazards are natural phenomena which cannot be prevented; however, human activity is very often contributing to an increase in the likelihood and negative impacts of extreme flood events. Due to human-induced climate change, inappropriate land and river management and the progressive reduction of floodplains, the scale and frequency of floods are likely to augment. Furthermore, the number of people and economic assets located in zones prone to flood risk continues to grow. An integrated approach to manage increasing flood risks will thus have to include elements of flood damage prevention, flood protection, flood risk preparedness and efficient emergency response.

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