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Thinking out of the box

Applied research for the sustainable use of natural resources

We work in research projects for solutions and technologies dealing with the sustainable use of natural resources, bridging the gap between science and the ‘real world’. We have supported, for instance, the development of innovative, re-use-oriented value chain management of faecal sludge in developing countries or researched advanced wastewater treatment and disinfection technologies for industrial applications.

Innovative forms of funding and financing in the water sector

Our experts have gained considerable know-how when it comes to innovative forms of financing in the water sector. In the light of increasing climate change and the need to increase societies’ resilience against the impacts of global warming, we have supported the set-up of dedicated financing facilities for water-efficient products, as well as technologies contributing to sustainable land management. In the context of rural water supply and sanitation, HYDROPHIL has been actively involved in the development of new “delegated management” approaches.

Very often, project ideas never turn into concrete projects, due to the lack of capacity, know-how and resources for preparing such projects. We are supporting our clients in the preparation of new projects in the water and environment sector by advising them in technical, financial, and legal questions, as well as identifying possible funding options and providing support in preparing and submitting project funding applications.

Set-up of information systems for the water sector

If data is unreliable and the link to real-world decision making is weak, data collection risks becoming an end in itself. We do not make the actual decision, but we provide modern tools to the water sector to make strategic decisions and informed choices that shape future visions and missions. To date, we have set up different types of information systems, including Hydrological Information Systems, Information Management Systems, Knowledge Management Systems, Data Dissemination System and Decision Support Systems.

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