Central Asia

Water Management Improvement Project: Design of a Hydro-Meteorological Network Rehabilitation Programme

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Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) /

The World Bank

The World Bank-financed Water Management Improvement Project (WMIP) aimed at creating the institutional, technical and regulatory conditions for sustainable and efficient water resources management in Kyrgyzstan. In this context, a reliable hydro-meteorological data collection system is essential as water allocation decisions directly depend on a sound knowledge of available resources.

A diagnostic review was conducted:

  • Survey of existing hydro-meteorological measuring network in the whole country
  • Analysis of collected data (historical and current monitoring standards)
  • Review of historical and existing institutional capacities and information paths

A clear concept for the rehabilitation and modernisation of Kyrgyzstan’s hydro-meteorological data collection system was prepared:

  • Physical station rehabilitation and renewal of equipment
  • Introduction of modern communication, telemetry and data processing systems
  • Development of a hydrological forecasting system
  • Comprehensive institutional strengthening and training programme