Construction Site Supervision

Ensuring smooth implementation of water infrastructure construction projects

When it comes to an infrastructure project, construction is the most visible part. In order to keep track of all construction works, resources and dependencies, competent construction supervision is essential. We keep the focus on project objectives, supervise the project implementation and assess conformity with permits, contracts, planning documents, regulations, and the commonly accepted rules of engineering.

Our experts support clients during the entire sequence of construction of water supply, sewerage, or wastewater treatment infrastructure from the commencement date until the issuance of the contractor’s performance certificate.

We are hired as individual supervision engineers or are embedded in PIUs to support the supervision process. In most cases, we work as Engineers under FIDIC conditions of contract together with a team of permanently on-site supervisors.

Our services comprise specifically:

  • Design revisions
  • Assistance in the preparation of commencement of construction works, permits, etc
  • Supervision of construction works including the elaboration of contractors work plans, payment certificates, on-site performance testing, variation orders, etc
  • Assistance during the Defects Notification Period
  • Reporting to the client and financing bodies

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