April 28, 2023

Austria: Establishment of a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) for Atlantic Salmon Cultivation

Assignment Location: Austria, Gmünd

Client: Burgenlachs GmbH

Origin of Funding: Burgenlachs GmbH

The company “Burgenlachs” has been planning to build the first salmon aquaculture farm in Austria since 2022. HYDROPHIL has been supporting technical project management since January 2023 and assists with the technical implementation and the necessary approval procedures. The planned location of the salmon farm is in Gmünd, Lower Austria, where the community has accepted the project with great support.

© Burgenlachs: Waldlachs expert Thiemo Fellner on-site with Angelina Arkhangelskaia where 2026 the first Austrian Atlantic salmon is to be produced.
© Burgenlachs

The plant is based on Recirculating Aquaculture System technology, which is particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly. Also, no antibiotics are used in production.

The construction is scheduled to start in 2024, and the first Austrian-produced Atlantic salmon will be on the dinner tables in 2026 under the name “Waldlachs”.

The Waldlachs expert is sure: “In the future, closed-loop systems will significantly contribute to regionally produced fish products.”

“Closed-loop plants make it possible to adjust the environmental conditions for the fish perfectly. The use of medications and the like will be avoided, and water requirements will be kept to a minimum. A complete operation of the “Waldlachs” plant with renewable energies, short transport routes and a circular economy concept (“zero waste”) complete the project. I am very pleased to be involved in this innovative and sustainable project.”