December 18, 2020

Awarded: Technical Assistance for ADA Operations in the Water and Sanitation Sector

Assignment location: Albania, Moldova, Mozambique, Palestine, Uganda
Client & Origin of funding: Austrian Development Agency (ADA)
Beneficiary: ADA partners, e.g. ministries, local authorities and other public institutions in ADA partner countries, international organisations, civil society organisations

Picture source: Arpad Benedek

ADA has awarded the 2020 – 2023 framework contract to AGENDA:WASSER, a consortium between HYDROPHIL (lead) and ILF Consulting Engineers.

The ADA supports developing countries in setting up and implementing sustainable water supply and sanitation programmes and strengthens the responsible institutions. Besides, ADA promotes sustainable water management approaches which are closely linked with energy and food issues. For the inextricable linkages between these critical domains, ADA applies the integrated “Water – Energy – Food Nexus” approach to ensuring water and food security, and sustainable agriculture and energy production.

Within the TA, individual contracts in the following fields are expected:

  • Technical advice and support for ADA partners in the development and implementation of water sector strategies, programmes and projects;
  • Specific technical assistance for institutions such as ministries, local authorities, agencies and associations in partner countries where ADA is active in the water sector, primarily in Albania, Moldova, Mozambique, Palestine and Uganda;
  • Support in the preparation of new projects for bilateral and multilateral financing, including financing by the EU or the Green Climate Fund, as well as mixed financing (i.e. grants and loans)
  • Support can include all aspects of programme and project cycle management: project development, implementation, and evaluation in line with ADA’s policies and guidelines on gender, environment, climate change, social inclusion, poverty orientation, human rights, peacebuilding and the Water – Energy – Food Nexus as well as advice on special technical issues and tendering.