December 10, 2020

Update: HYDROPHIL reviews the construction works on-site in Kyzyl-Kiya, Kyrgyzstan – from 8 to 10 December 2020

Assignment location: Kyrgyzstan
Client: ME Kyzyl-Kiya Suukanal
Funding: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Picture source: A. Stoisits

Currently, when traveling, from the beginning of the journey from home to the arrival in the hotel room, you have to wear a face mask almost all the time: on the train ride, at the airport, in the aeroplane, at stop-over airports, in the taxis and finally in the hotel lobby. Wearing a mask is then also necessary on-site with the customer and project participants. This constraint is sometimes exhausting.

Andreas: “With special precautions, such as keeping a distance, room ventilation during meetings, additional transport capacity on site and other logical precautions, I do not consider international travel and site visits to be particularly risky. Providing consistently good service to our customers, even during the pandemic, is possible and important to me. Unfortunately, the masks make face-to-face communication somewhat impersonal, but that can be overcome. I am glad that I have visited the project twice so far during the pandemic and have been able to discuss the progress of the project in person with those involved in Kyzyl-Kiya.”

Picture source: A. Stoisits

The construction works of the EBRD-financed “Kyzyl-Kiya Water Project” started in June 2019 and, due to the COVID-19-pandemic, it has extended until the end of December 2020. The project includes 33 km of water supply pipeline rehabilitation, as the primary investment component, the improvement of a surface water intake, the renewal of pumping stations, the installation of a water treatment plant and the construction of a new clean water reservoir in the town of Kyzyl-Kiya. Most measures are completed; final constructions works are close to the finishing line.

The assessment of works, now almost entirely achieved, was essential for ensuring the success of the project. Andreas: “We visited, among other realisations, numerous sections of pipeline rehabilitations and the corresponding maintenance holes. We inspected the installed fittings as well as the asphalt finishing. I hope for timely completion of the remaining work. By 30 November 2020, the turnover of construction works was 91% of the total contract. I’m pleased to be able to support a project with such dedicated participants as Project Manager.”