September 29, 2020

Update: Freetown Water Supply & Sanitation Priority Investment Project


Assignment location: Sierra Leone
Client: Guma Valley Water Company
Origin of funding: African Development Bank (AfDB)

Picture source: A. Chanut

A group of international experts landed in Sierra Leone on the 25th of September for the inception phase of the project.

The overall objective of the PIP is to take the most urgent measures towards the improvement of the water supply and sanitation services in the Western Area/Greater Freetown, as well as to ensure the sustainability of the vital aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in the area.

During the first week of inception, HYDROPHIL and his partners, AWSE and VGM had fruitful meetings with an important number of stakeholders, including the Ministry of Environment, the Mayor of Freetown and the National Protected Area Authority.

After this inception phase, the project will continue with the following steps:

  • A Feasibility Study considering in detail all components (infrastructure + services) of the priority investment project.
  • An Economic/Financial Feasibility study completing the technical feasibility report with a cost and benefit analysis.
  • A Design Report, defining in detail the different chosen solutions. Various tender documents are prepared to be utilised for the procurement of work and services.
  • An Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) describing the potential impacts of the PIP project.

Picture source: A. Chanut