November 17, 2022

Bastian Schnabel joined the HYDROPHIL Team!

Bastian is a passionate environmental scientist specializing in water quality, water resources management, and international development cooperation. During his 13 years professional career, he mainly focused on the research and engineering sector. Bastian previously worked for the German Federal Environment Agency and their Drinking Water Hygiene Department conducting policy implementation and water safety planning. He was employed by a leading British engineering consultancy, completed a post-doctoral fellowship with the University of Bath in their Architecture and Civil Engineering Department, and spent the last four years as an independent consultant, mainly working in Sierra Leone and Ghana.

“My star sign is Pisces, and my life moves around water. My passion is to protect the environment, support sustainable development, and improve access to safely managed water. I’m happy to join HYDROPHIL in their mission to improve the water and wastewater infrastructure across Europe, Africa, and Asia,” expressed Bastian Schnabel.

Thomas Waclavicek, Head of the Project Implementation Department, adds: “Happy to have Bastian on board. The team will greatly benefit from his expertise and experience in Sub-Sahara Africa.”

Picture Source: B.Schnabel