4 marta, 2022

Separate collection of municipal wastewaters and surface run-off in the Austrian city of Spittal an der Drau

Assignment Location: City of Spittal on the Drava, Austria
Client: City Municipality

Picture Source: iStock/RenePi

We are immensely pleased and proud of the trust placed in us to carry out this project for the City of Spittal. In January this year, we started collecting data and are expected to complete the project by the year 2026.

The sewer network in the inner-city area of Spittal in Austria has existed now for over 60 years and is, to date, still using the combined sewer system. The task of this project is to switch from the combined sewer system to a separate state-of-the-art system, known as the separate sewerage network. A separate sewerage network consists of the split municipal wastewaters (blackwater from toilets, greywater, and industrial wastewater) and surface run-off (rainwater and stormwater) collection.

The overall project concerns the installation of sewer pipes with a total length of approximately 70 kilometers and a total investment volume of at least EUR 25 million.

HYDROPHIL and the JV partner ÖSTAP have been assigned to plan and tender for the construction work, as well as to monitor it during the construction phase. The expansion of the fibre-optic network and the street lighting are integrated into the overall project using structural and economic synergy effects. During the project implementation period, it will be determined whether particular sections of the gas and the district heating networks need to be replaced – if yes, these tasks will be integrated into the project. Finally, after the linework, the road surface will also be completely renewed.