June 17, 2021

Project Start: Lender’s Independent Environment, Social and Technical Monitor of the Saïss and Garet Water Conservation Project to start in Morocco

Assignment location: Morocco, Saïss and Garet plains
Client: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Origin of funding: Co-financed by EBRD and the European Union’s Neighbourhood Investment Platform (EU’s NIP)
Beneficiary: Irrigation and Management of Agricultural Land Directorate (DIAEA) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forest (MAMF)

Figure 1: General view of the Saïss plain; Picture Source: A. CHANUT, HYDROPHIL GmbH

HYDROPHIL is close to wrapping up the monitoring of the ONEE Water Project. Now EBRD renewed its confidence by entrusting us with a similar role on another EBRD-financed project in Morocco, the Saïss and Garet Water Conservation Project.

The Saïss and Garet Water Conservation Project contains two sub-projects:

  • The Saïss component is part of the Saïss-plain hydro-agricultural development project. It aims to preserve currently overexploited underground water by providing alternative surface water from the M’Dez dam near Sefrou in the region Fès-Meknès. The project involves the construction of an adduction system and the primary and secondary distribution network.
  • The second component comprises the rehabilitation and the modernisation of the water distribution network and the conversion to drip irrigation in the Garet agricultural plain.

Throughout the Project, HYDROPHIL will assist the EBRD in monitoring the implementation of the contracts related to different project components in terms of environmental, social and technical matters.

EBRD is significantly involved in implementing its contracts and counts on HYDROPHIL as a specialist on water sector investments to ensure quality implementation within time and budget.