December 20, 2020

Update: HYDROPHIL on Mission, Freetown, Sierra Leone – from 7 to 20 December 2020


Assignment location: Sierra Leone
Client: Guma Valley Water Company
Origin of funding: African Development Bank (AfDB)

Picture source: J. Pichler-Stainern

Of course, travel restrictions and Corona safety precautions affect our business trips significantly.
Nevertheless, we try to be present with our international experts as much as possible in all project countries, work closely with our national teams and implement project activities without significant delays.
This is also the case with our Freetown activities for the Guma Valley Water Company. Our colleagues took a PCR test before entering the plane in Vienna, and a double test was carried out on arrival at the airport in Freetown, both a PCR (nasal swab) and a blood test to determine antibodies.
However, we gladly accept these efforts to fulfil our tasks. Living and working in Sierra Leone has been comparatively unrestricted for quite some time, favourable for the project’s progress.

This mission was necessary to determine groundwater abstraction’s potential. We assessed the existing water abstraction infrastructure in the different catchments, and the available water resources were measured or estimated in situ.

Picture source: J. Pichler-Stainern

It was a highly successful mission before the start of the holiday season. Following Corona safety measures, we could have workshops with our client and stakeholders, discussing in-person findings and the best way forward under the current challenging conditions.
Great! A big thank you to all involved for the good, highly professional and goal-oriented project cooperation.

Guess. Right! Another PCR test for the departure.

However, back in Europe, it may even be less complicated to travel to Sierra Leone than within Europe these days.

Picture source: J. Pichler-Stainern