July 29, 2020

Feasibility Study for a Sanitation Project in Ersaal (Lebanon)

New Award

Assignment location: Lebanon
Client and Origin of funding: French Development Agency (AFD)
Beneficiary: Municipality of Ersaal
Partners: Hydroconseil (France), BTD (Lebanon)

Picture source: A. Chanut

The general objective is to structure the sewerage system of Ersaal, a town situated 15 km to the Syrian border and hosting an important refugee camp.

The project is divided into 5 missions:

  • Diagnosis of the current water and sanitation situation in Ersaal.
  • Identification and sizing of solution scenarios for the sanitation sector.
  • Carrying out technical studies at the preliminary design level for the wastewater collection network. Consolidation of the treatment process of the WWTP and sizing.
  • Study of the conditions for the sustainability of the sanitation service, including the proposition of an organizational and institutional mechanism and social support measures.
  • Elaboration of a structuring project and its operating mode around an infrastructure component and social support measures.