Due Diligence

Robust and thorough assessments for taking decisions on financing of water infrastructure investments

International Financing Institutions use the results of due diligence assessments to appraise water infrastructure projects and take a decision on their prospective financing. Due diligence is hence required before a loan is signed. We support development banks in all aspects of the due diligence process, by evaluating whether the proposed design is technically sound, constitutes the most effective and most economically advantageous solution and whether it bears any significant environmental and social risks that need to be avoided or mitigated. With the growing impact of climate change, questions of water- and energy-efficiency, as well as climate resilience, are increasingly becoming part of our due diligence assessments.

Our services comprise:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Environmental and social due diligence
  • Assessment of climate risks and climate resilience

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