Main Office


HYDROPHIL’s main office is located in Vienna, Austria. From Vienna, we are active both in Austria and worldwide.

The Central Service Department of the Vienna head office supports the subsidiaries and the local project offices with an experienced administrative team. The head office also provides highly qualified specialists with extensive European expertise. In this way, Vienna relieves the burden on project teams worldwide regarding office administration and project management and supports them with specialist experience.

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Business Development Department

Lara SALLOUM, Head of Business Development at HYDROPHIL, is fully engaged in preparing sound project proposals. With a Masters in International Business (MSc) and 15 years of experience in the international cooperation sector, she enables our project proposals’ technical and economic excellence. She and her team regularly visit our project countries and clients, ensuring that the proposals comply with the highest standards required for effective project implementation and sustainability.

Mrs Lara Salloum, MSc

Head of Business Development


Phone: +43 660 996 98 24

Kürschnergasse 2/2A, 1210 Vienna, Austria

Project Implementation Department

Thomas WACLAVICEK, Head of Project Implementation, drives our project teams to deliver timely, high-quality services. He does this as a civil and water engineer (Austrian MSc) with life and work experience in numerous European, African and Asian countries. He has held positions with both organisations that provide and receive financing. This solid background is why he understands our clients’ and their funders’ requirements for successful project delivery well.

Mr Thomas Waclavicek, Msc

Head of Project Implementation


Phone: +43 660 996 98 19

Kürschnergasse 2/2A, 1210 Vienna, Austria


Dr Gerald EDER is a water and sanitation engineer with an MSc in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Water Resources Management. He was affiliated with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, as a researcher and is currently a lecturer at the Department of Water, Atmosphere and Environment. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Eder has been directly involved in implementing more than 200 projects worldwide. As such, he has extensive technical expertise and a strong commitment to project success. He actively engages in project implementation, visits sites and clients, and assists in overcoming problems when necessary.

Gerald Eder: “We build long-lasting relationships based on trust. My company, authorised signatories and I are not affiliated with any technology supplier or construction company. We are completely independent.”

Dr Gerald Eder

Managing Director


Phone: +43 1 996 98 00

Kürschnergasse 2/2A, 1210 Vienna, Austria